The Indian cinema cannot be confused with any another. It is that layer of cinema most of which of the viewers, without philosophizing crafty, just loves. Often the bollywood movies are watched online with pleasure even by those who consider it frivolous and does not admit for anything the sympathy. Why? The answer to this question is very simple: because, that the Indian cinema is colorful fairy tales with beautiful songs, incendiary dances, with beauties on whom it is impossible to have eyes glued. The list of the movies released by Bollywood for all history of its existence is quite impressive. On our website we tried to present the Indian pictures which it would be interesting to audience of the most different age to watch online. All fascinating melodramas with unpredictable turns of a plot whom popular Indian actors play. And, of course, all these movies about love, fidelity, treachery, friendship, generosity. In a word, about eternal. Pleasant viewing!

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