Among the Indian movies of the drama, including musical, are especially popular among the audience. They are loved from antiquity. Today, when the bollywood drama movies are available to watch online, their popularity does not fall down. Not the first decade in Bollywood skillfully capture attention of the audience. The attention is fixed not just on sufferings and grief, and on contradictions, dilemmas, a difficult choice … To remain indifferent even the person with a heart of stone will not be able! Tapes of the tragic direction are divided into different subgenres, and in India mastered them, has to be, all. Thanks to the Bollywood film studios, in the world in different languages watch different tapes with a drama plot. First of all the love dramas perfectly suitable for joint evenings with darling or darling occur. Teenage tragedies thanks to modern technologies it is possible to watch online, besides free of charge. There are sincere judges at criminal, historical, psychological, mystical, other dramas.

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