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Loki (2021)

Loki Nov 12, 2023 United States of America 53 min Min. Not Rated
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The film tells about Loki, who has a cunning mind, cunning and greed, who dreamed of power all his adult life. The fact is that he could theoretically take the place of the king of the universe, but due to the fact that he had an older brother, it was not possible for the main character to make his dream come true. In addition to this factor, Loki was famous for his imprudence, he was quite cruel and unbalanced, and it was these qualities that prevented him from taking that very place on the throne.


There were other ways that could help Loki in this matter, but in order to seize power, it was necessary to have a power that could not be compared to anyone else in this universe. All he had to do was steal the Tesseract, which he did, and then disappeared without a trace. But on the way to a place where it was possible to lay low for some time, he did not get to it as a result, because he was captured by soldiers of unknown origin. Then he was sent to places far from freedom, having only recently been released from there.

Original title Loki
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