Movies of the biography can be carried both to the most inspiring, and to the most bitter and sad genre. Unlike historical pictures biopics tell about the personality and her role in the history. As a rule the movie the biography based on real events has either a name of the hero, or his recognizable trait of character in the name. The biographic drama "Iron Lady" — here clear can serve at once as a good example that it will be a question of the prime minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher. From the majority of bollywood biography movies if their watch online people wait for a huge cloth about the famous person against the background of global historical events. In such, absolutely fair, expectations one of eternal problems of cinema in general — reliability is. Sometimes the director of the movie purposely distorts reality for giving of dramatic character or in desire to disclose certain qualities of the identity of the hero. Also It should be noted that the list of the best movies of biographies contains not only the pictures devoted to dear and world-wide recognized heroes. Even more often it is possible to see tapes about ambiguous persons, and sometimes at all specific villains.

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