Hollywood – factory of dreams. The main film industry of the world is not tied to the concrete place for a long time – the Hollywood hills in Los Angeles – and unites cinematographers from all countries. Movies of Hollywood are distinguished by workmanship. Concentration of professionals is so big that the best of the best are involved in creation of movies, and it belongs not only to the main professions — directors, actors, screenwriters – but also to craft shops: costumiers, make-up artists, sound producers. All production chain is debugged also each Hollywood movie, which you wanted to watch online if is not a masterpiece, then at least has a certain level and quality. The first Hollywood films were shot in the 1910th years. The place on the western coast was chosen because of the technological reasons: in California sunny all the year round, and light day longer, than in other places. During a cinema birth era when lighting fixtures and a film were not really qualitative, natural lighting meant more time and opportunities for shootings. Movies of Hollywood are distinguished by the scale and the budget, traditionally Hollywood it is accepted to call movies with stars in leading roles and large-scale shootings.

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