Historical movies are devoted to either the significant historical figure, or the known event of history, for example fight. Often it is considered that any movie which action takes place in the past can be carried to a historical genre, but it not so – is important the image of real historical events. Roots of a genre lie in literature: in many respects historical movies can be considered a screen analog of historical novels. The English writer Walter Scott is considered the founder of a genre. "History — as Cicero told two thousand years ago — the teacher of life". In ordinary interpretation it means that knowledge of the past will help to avoid mistakes in the future. Everything repeats, and at the same time nothing remains invariable. History and movies about the past narrate about similarities and distinctions of the past and the present. Having begun bollywood history movies watch online you gain knowledge of history, also it happens it is useful for understanding of mass idea of past events. Though historical projects always employ consultants-historians, few what movie can brag of the accuracy and compliance to scientific data. The main thing at cinema – an image. The best historical movies tell not about history events, but interpret them and tell more about the present, than about the past. And often create the image, steadier, than scientific historical books.

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