Sci-fi movies stopped being a frivolous genre. The best directors, such as Andrey Tarkovsky, Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan, address this genre. Beginning bollywood sci-fi movies watch online the viewer understands that they surely contain a certain fantastic assumption, an unusual element which distinguishes the world created by authors from ours. It allows directors to ask difficult, even philosophical questions. Changing living conditions of heroes, adding unusual circumstances, authors can show important features of human character. Because any fantasy, first of all, not about surprising technologies, and about people. But you should not think that all sci-fi movies very serious and boring. The main representatives of a genre – brisk and vigorous adventure the action movies, whose action occurs in unusual scenery, for example in space or the anti-utopian world of the future. Viewing of sci-fi movies can be useful to development of imagination and interest in technical novelties and inventions. It is known that many gadgets which are considered as a part of our ordinary life now – mobile phones videoconferences, TVs – were initially predicted and thought up in science fiction.

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