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Mirzapur (2018)

Mirzapur Sep 27, 2022 India 60 min Min. Not Rated
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Events are developed in the criminal city under the name Mirzapour. Local inhabitants got used to watch infinite bloodshed, and know that the next night will not pass without sounding of shots. They practically reconciled to similar existence. But did not suspect that once each inhabitant should interfere with fight of blood-thirsty families. These persons lived in this territory long time. They tried to take control of influence on society, to become leaders. But being engaged in nearly one production, they did not manage to accept the leading position among local inhabitants.


Later one of families was prepared for wedding process. The daughter of the influential character is going to marry the representative guy. Thus, they wished to unite their families and to receive a favorable side from this union. But it became clear that there will be an unpleasant incident at the time of the wedding. It did not allow family to be aside. They dream to revenge the opponent, and are literally sure that competitors are involved in it. Large-scale war on city streets begins. Law enforcement agencies not in forces to affect it until the mafioso among themselves understand. Members of these houses should suffer only. They are threatened by big danger.

Original title Mirzapur
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