The Indian criminal movies open for us the homeland of Bollywood on the other hand. Got used to the dancing and singing local cinema to the audience the drama world of mafia dismantling suddenly opens. In online pictures of this genre there is not a lot of place for joyful musicals, but there are not less important qualities of national cinema. It is intensity of emotions and emotions which are brightly shown by heroes throughout a plot. Our selection watch online is possible for bollywood crime movies at any time! As a rule, screenwriters take drama history as a project basis. But there are also rare exceptions when bloody passions dress in a comic outline, and the comedy about unlucky speculators or short-sighted bandits turns out. More intense and therefore popular are the Indian criminal movies with a tragic plot. In them it is told about search of justice and about the difficult choice of the main character between law and order and its violation. The central part is often assigned to the negative character who manages mob killings or turns dark affairs. In online pictures serious subjects of society rise: drug traffic, kidnapping, complete disappearance of innocent people. Specific favorite motive for national cinema is blood feud.

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