Horror films — one of the most demanded genres of the present. Now, living in the world minimizing all dangers, the person looks for the place, an occasion and an opportunity to tickle to himself nerves, and the good horror film is created especially for it. One of quite good options to achieve desirable effect — bollywood horror movies watch online. Undoubtedly, the scariest old horror films keep in suspense and after credits. Starting with the very first horror film "Lock of the Devil" which was shot in 1896 by the French founder of cinema Jorge Melies, and to the last film novelties the best directors of horror films, make-up artists and directors of special effects constantly improved the skill. There were among them also innovators shooting the shocking horror films, for example Daniel Mirik and Eduardo Sanchez — directors of the sensational movie "The Witch from Blair". This feature film of horrors is sustained in the form of documentary cinema from the first person. It was removed in 8 days, the budget of all picture made only 22000 dollars while universal collecting exceeded figure in 240 million. It was even entered in the Guinness Book of Records, having become the most profitable movie. This movie stands alone in category of horror films to this day. Horrors — the specific category of cinema, though is popular and favourite film fans, film critics are seldom generous on awards and encouragement with it to movies. However there are exceptions, but only the best horror films receive the Oscar.

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